Are the NGS servers really that packed?

I'm trying to get into NGS on Ship 3 which i've never had an issue, but now i'm immediately booted back to the main menu with the 630 error. Regular PSO2 works though.

I have a character on Ship 4 that i've abandoned in order to get in games with more people, logged in with that character just fine. Want to know if i'm in a small percentage having this issue or if this is widespread before I consider paying for a ship transfer and waiting for the process to take place.

No, they're not packed. 630 is a connection issue. I think 614 is the error code if the ship is full. I think you have problems with that specific server.

@Kelade First i've ever had an issue where it was a specific server in an mmo. Although when NGS first released publicly it was working perfectly fine. But i'll just consider changing ships then I suppose, thanks for the clarification.

Bumping in case someone might have an explanation of there own or has this issue as well and needs an answer of some kind.

Tl:dr If anyone is having issues with the 630 error, you can try dumping your inventory into storage and see if that works and staying in base wear and unequiping weapons/camo.

I made a new character in the same Ship and they connect to NGS just fine. So it's leading me to assume it's an inventory item or camo that's causing me to be unable to get into NGS with the other character. I removed any outfits and camo's I had from base PSO2 and sent some items to storage.

I am now able to get into NGS again with the character I had issues with. It's belief there's either -An issue with too many items from base PSO2 carried over in the inventory or causing some type of interference -An issue with outfits/weapon camos (which iirc are locked to their respective games and can only be used seperately for both versions) -A specific item blocking it

So to warp I gotta be butt naked like a terminator? XD

@Pariah-Chan Maybe as a precaution if nothing else works lol. I'm thinking it could be an inventory thing or item, but not entirely certain. I just dressed down to the default gear you get from character creation and emptied most the gear and materials in my inventory to storage.

@Pariah-Chan said in Are the NGS servers really that packed?:

So to warp I gotta be butt naked like a terminator? XD

As long as the theme song plays, yes.