New Genesis Advance PQ & AQ

A better version of Personal and Alliance quarters something like Warframe ability to add rooms and games like ESO Warframe ect where you can freely place props anywhere you want instead of being constrained to what is akin to a LEGO like grid

The NGS PQ and AQ ideas get thrown around a lot, hopefully they get added in at some point with much needed improvements over the PSO2 counterparts.

A space for player groups and a personal area for players is a mainstay in most MMOs these days, so leaving that out would be a bad thing.

It might even be fun to have Tames as PQ pets, again there have been a number of comments on this, a bunch of people want Sunnys and Moonies, I want to have a Voks to go with my alt.

Here is my alt, Danielle Fox next to a Voks, and you can see why it would be the perfect pet for her: 6508406c-0ba2-4863-a3ef-573145e98d24-image.png

Would need this in my PQ if we could have TAMES. 77b092ea-1286-4699-8509-49390f9785e0-image.png