ship transfer

if i have character in ship 1, and i want to transfer my character in ship 4 to ship 1,is my character in ship 1 still there? so i have 2 character in ship 1?

Yes. You will have 2 chars on ship 1.

@Anthro-Cheetah thanks for the info 🙂

@Anthro-Cheetah can i still get my item in ship 4 after i transfer my char to ship 1 ?

Items in your Inventory and Character Storage will be transferred. Any items that are in storage that shared among other chars within the same ship like Material, Extended, Default storage won't be.

Meseta on your char will be transferred as well. But Meseta in storage won't transfer.

Items you want to transfer make sure they are in your inventory and character storage. As well have your Meseta on your character.

@Anthro-Cheetah thanks dude, really helpful

Your welcome. If you go back and forth between base PSO2 n NGS, don't forget to carry Meseta on your char on the Base side as well as storing items you want to your character storage.

@Anthro-Cheetah dude how about items in ship 1? is it become one with item i bring form ship 4?

There are many ship specific data, make sure you know what will be transferred and what will be left at your original ship


Your inventory and character storage are tied to the character. These will be separate for each character. They won't interfere with any other chars' inventory/char storage. The items in the shared storage from Ship 1 (Basic, extended, material, premium, etc) will be shared with the transferred char.

Any items in ship 4 in any shared storage will not transfer. These will be left behind in ship 4, that is if there is any character left on the ship or otherwise they be gone.