Deuman Tattoos and innerwear changing color

After putting on the Merres Fidde/2[Ba], and changing to the N-Thousand Rim[Ba], my character's innerwear colors were changed, and my Deuman tattoos now take on whatever color is in my second innerwear slot.

The blue tattoos certainly look cool, but I can probably guess that this is not intended behavior, as changing to any of my other looks has kept this glitch, and the color change going into effect despite not using a ticket kinda helps me with this assumption.

Edit: I've also found that this doesn't seem to be a graphical glitch, as it persists when I restart the client.

this is not a bug and more that a thing you didn't notice, there are 2 Deuman tattoos for both body types



only the first changes color with the innerwear and is not the only tattoo that does that Allies tattoo does the same but Allies Tattoo/B doesn't.

That's certainly interesting. I suppose when I was using a black color for that, I just assumed that tattoo was darker.

Still doesn't exactly address the very abrupt change in color without a color change ticket though.