How Phantom and Etoile could be implemented into NGS

As the title says, but I have an idea to actualy give them their own weapons to use, rather than reusing already existing weapons and modifying their photon arts.


Make it like in the base PSO2: Quick, fast, maneuverable but lacks armor. Class main role would be curing status aliments inflicted by enemy and inflicting status alliments on enemies.

The new weapon I suggest for this class would a Scythe. The Scythe weapon is not the Rod, it will have It's own Photon arts, and can also use Techniques, primarily focus on close to medium combat. The weapon can parry, which will cure all status aliments on the player, and counter dodge which will able to initiate an counter attack that will inflict status aliment on enemy (Depending on the element used).

The second weapon of this class would be an Sniper rifle. Not to be confused with the Assault rifle for the Ranger class, this weapon would instead be more like the Assault rifle of the Phantom class in base PSO2. Default attack will fire single, very powerful shot, weapon specialisation would be summoning and controling small drones, and delivering slow, heavy blows from range. Good positioning should be they of mastery of this weapon. Can parry (Perfect parry only, just like the Twin Daggers).


Pretty much like in Base PSO2, heavy protection, healing passive and etc. Class role would be to provide defense/protection to teammates by giving them defensive boosts.

The class weapon would be an Axe. Primarily focused on close combat, can also parry while in the middle of a photon art, specialised on heavy blows up-close and personal. Can counterdodge for a stronger attack.

Saber sword. Not the sword that the Hunter uses or the Katana that the braver would use. The default attack would be quick and deal multiple hits. Specialises in manupulating gravity, creating small blackholes for Area damage or pull a group of enemies in single point and summoning small blads in air for ranged attacks. Guard stance would summon a bubble shield as long as you hold it (Only for a limited time though), just like in base PSO2, unloading all focus will create a powerfull attack. Counterdodge for a stronger attack.

NOTE: This is just my ideas, I'm not sure how SEGA would deliver those new classes, but I atleast hope they would return, but with their own weapons without making other classes obselete because they use the same weapons with altered abilites.

Nope. All scions should stay out of NGS please.

I mean like why?

Phanthom: You can already do that with Rod Force and Ranger, I dont need phanthom eclipsing the class. The part about the rifle she already be included in ranger/launcher and not as a whole another class.

Etoile: sounds a lot like fighter and just reading the desc gives me a headache on how it will make the other classes obsolete.

This seems to impact Force/techer the most since these classes seems to eclipse them. Healing should be Force forte, and Techer is based on support/ plus buffing. The only scion class that should be added is Luster, and thats because it uses a weapon no other class use as its main wep.

i do personally miss using etoile, but only because of its aesthetics and animations; as far as i can tell all its unique mechanics and class features have already made it into ngs weapons.

that said, it's true that certain mechanics, such as being able to cure status effects and pull small enemies, seem to have been left in the base game. maybe we'll see them with the new PAs and techniques later on?

@N-X Personally I would have gone the extra mile (like I suggested in a thread) to have completely dropped the way Rifle works on the Gunner and hand them the Rifle-Phantom gameplay instead. If on the skill tree you have Chain Trigger for the Twin Machineguns, we should have something like Phantom Marker for the Assault Rifle and potentially a whole different slew of photon arts and attacks so that Rifle-Gunner is distinct from Rifle-Ranger because it annoys me that there's so much overlap between them and that yet again the Gunner wields a weapon they barely support (and I don't consider "Homing Dart" being the only justification for keeping a rifle around as a Gunner).

The Etoile is already ripped apart so much because I never felt that they were really a "whole new class" on their own because my personal impression is that they played like a "here is how we wished the classes played" sort of deal. The Double Saber looked fancy and nice and its playstyle has merged with Double Saber-Fighter (though it aesthetically looks like Double Saber-Fighter) and I really liked the Dual Blades/Soaring Blades' Edge mechanic and hope the Bouncer adopts it instead of using Photon Blades as only part of the weapon action. Considering the Bouncer's Variant Arts for the Jet Boots, I would love that the Dual Blades picks up something similar in the form of the Edge.

The Wand-Etoile is something I am curious about because the Techer still plays like the Techer (but without the subpalette bloat, thankfully), and the Force "looks" like the Wand-Etoile but plays completely differently (and has also adopted a form of the Phantom's counter-attack). I would love to see the playstyle of the Wand-Etoile come back including its aesthetics, but my personal thought is that we could see this completely thrown over to the Summoner who could get a complete facelift instead. I would love to see an elegant Dancer-Summoner of sorts whose pets modify their playstyle and moveset much in the same way we already see the Dark Blasts and the Luster's styles adjusting the playstyle. I really think the Summoner could benefit from that sort of depth now that just attacks are no longer a priority in normal gameplay.

Overall, I'm not opposed to Successor classes returning but I do feel that instead of the classes returning outright (as much as I would love to play Twin Machineguns-Hero, Rifle-Phantom, and Zandi-Luster again) I would love to see the New Genesis classes eventually adopting something like a "style" that lets you change how even the normal attacks play out in a similar fashion to Monster Hunter X/XX (Generations/Generations Ultimate)'s styles mechanic or how Warframe handles Stances for melee weapons. I think it could be more beneficial instead to see something like a Hero-Hunter, Hero-Gunner, and Hero-Force (large decrease in general damage, major boosts to mobility, agility, and an emphasis on dodge-counters with an altered moveset and photon arts while still carrying as much of the original class mechanics as possible) alongside other potential combinations (Hero-Fighter being a very pure "action" class in this case, more than they already are). In this way, Successor classes could be something like an overlaying "focus" or guide that emphasizes specific parts of the gameplay such as how most of our gameplay right now encourages and emphasizes parrying. As a result, I don't think it would be problematic that something like the Phantom could return for making charge times on any attacks that require charging "faster" while sacrificing defenses and offensive capabilities to make up for that speed (and anything that requires building up such as the technique blots and clads would be faster to build up as well), and something like the Etoile can provide that sort of automatic healing and on-demand super armor/defensive boosts if needed.

However, with that last suggestion of mine, I would imagine taking something like that would likely mean disabling subclasses if the power and gameplay advantage is that big of a deal (if a Hunter using Hero-like capabilities is outperforming a normal Hunter in something like convenience and quality-of-life, for example).

@redBadger22 said in How Phantom and Etoile could be implemented into NGS:

Nope. All scions should stay out of NGS please.

Yea, scions were a thing they added new because they didnt have it in them to just fix the base classes with how they utilized their weapons. Base classes now have the fast pace required skillsets we got from the scions in PSO2, so they aren't really necessary here. In the end, all they were described as were "a different way to use the weapons" but they can do that via extra photon arts and skills for the base classes.

So essentially give them new weapons? They wouldn't really be the scion classes we grew to love from base PSO2. Not luster class will probably not be like Luster in base either. Creating new weapons would likely be difficult for them to do anyway just from the idea of figuring out what role they would play.

As for the specific focuses of the classes Building statuses on enemies was already the role of force and techer in NGS. But that's already userped because we're getting weapons with elemental stats. Meaning both of those classes are now objectively less distinct on top of competing with each other.

I don't see them adding a tank class to NGS. Content doesn't warrant high survivability in NGS and even when it did in base pso2 that came in the form of one shot protection being slapped onto everything. If we had a tank class even close to half the power of etiole that would just further trivialize the current content. And having access to passive healing makes force/techer less valuable because their heal circles wouldn't be needed as much.

I'd much rather they expand on classes we already have when updates come out that way we can have truly different versions in how someone plays a class. The only scion class that truly deserves to come back in some fashion is luster since no other class has gunblade access. I would personally love for hero to come back but there's no reason for it to. Every class has a step counter. Every class has a big bang moment with their photon blasts. And every class can seemlessly switch between weapons thanks to the multi weapon system.