Chain Trigger feels out of place in New Genesis

The reason why i still play new genesis even though there is no content, it is because i love the combat I plan on playing all classes and all weapons. So far i only got two classes left to max out, and I got 8 different weapons fully augmented at 40+. The only weapon right now that i have a complaint for is TMG. Combat for tmg is very cool its just chain trigger feels like too much work compared to using other weapons. i think New Genesis has changed much compared to what pso2 base is, the game was a really pain in the butt to play over complicating things. Chain trigger feels like a left over pain in the butt mechanic from base pso2, it feels out of place in new genesis which is a game that makes everything friendly, easier to play and understand.

Is it possible to make chain trigger something that feels fun, instead of a pain in the butt.

I dont believe its the skill thats he problem, rather more so the class atm. Played that to 20 because its one of the most (if not, the most) braindead classes. Tbh I never found it a problem because, well it wasnt.

You can play at range, do dmg, constantly dodge and reposition whilst doing dmg. From memory the Chain required one hold attk which started the combo bar, once started you can spam the same skill over and over till 100 or just before and hold attk again to complete. Bigger combo for higher buff and the bar lasted long. Just start the next chain at like 3/4 into the bar and you have another 100 buff/bar.

Basically is the lack of options/need to use anything else apart from ult. Think I had 3 Main skills to use; One ranged, one spin aoe and a close quarters shotgun type. Was some passive skills but some of them or one at least could interfere with the chain. If you had more meaningful skills to use during the chain I dont think it would seem such a big deal or chore and might even seem more impactful/important but that would depend upon the skills and how you fit chain in. As of now you do it a few times per boss and spam 1 attk which again is basically the class in a nutshell.

@JellyCreamTart I personally would like to see something like build up the combo and make the buff last longer, i really depise the idea about building the combo so often. It makes me accidentally trigger a low chain that lasts an eternity to get rid off. Also there's the litle timer that opens up the chance to lose your buillt combo. Too much of a chore keeping track of chains and makes you lose focus of the combat.

Yeh it sounds like you spam the button as I did and it counts as held/charged and mucks up the combo. Tbh it is pretty easy to maintain 100 combo buff if just stop spamming xD

But yeh I think I see what you would prefer. Instead of static buff duration for both low and high combo you want buff period and buff potency to scale according to combo amount.

Idk maybe if it were activatable skill/designated key to start and end would also be beneficial but maybe too much intended risk vs reward/concentration/chore lost if done so.

AFAIK, Chain combo count does change the potency boost to "Breaking PA" (200% at 100 combo?) and the subsequent attack speed buff. Also a single 100 chain does not hit the attack speed buff cap (120% I think?) So I think it takes 3 100 chains without breaking the buff to gain the max attack speed. A little bit of a chore to keep up with, especially when running around combat zones for sure, but definitely rewarding as is. (granted I would have liked to have seen something different for Gunner entirely, not sure what, but was never a fan of chain trigger as much as I loved the class) It could definitely use a different way to initiate though, charging PA's does increased damage, so you have to not charge PA while building the chain. Bleeeeh, just like force. Can cast the weaker spells to get the empowered hits, but you're really just reducing damage to catch up and maybe do slightly more in that regard. Better to just spam full charges IMO.

Chain Trigger could definitely be better.

The hold button action to start/charge the chain, end/discharge the chain needs to work a bit faster.

Also. takes too long to charge the chain.

Q: How can you tell a battle is gonna end?

A: (from gunner) When the chain just gets to100.

A pass on the targeting system would definitely help gunner very much. I guess setting TAB to target nearest enemy first would be way too much to ask tho. The enemy directly in front of me 1 meter away should be priority, not the scrub mob 50 meters away behind them that does not even know my character is in the game. Yes, I have targeting set to camera facing.

My "favorite" is when pressing TAB it cycles through every single target on a boss at least twice except the one I actually want.

Also, when my character gets slammed to the ground from the air, why are they still locked on to a target? C'mon, a twig on the ground can break target lock but getting curb stomped cannot release a target lock, how come? Two or three presses of the Q key and maybe I can sprint or dodge if I don't get stunned again, ohh too late.

I want to like gunner more than I already do, but the mechanics of it make it difficult.

How Chain trigger works right now isnt bad, but there are some things bugging it out making it finish early.

Personally, most of the depth I feel that Chain Trigger used to have is "gone" because you no longer have to worry about doing powerful rotations upon breaking the chain and players now have more options for building the chain (you can actually build it up using photon arts now).

I don't know if this is just me with my bias from Phantasy Star Online 2, but I always felt like it was problematic playing the Gunner as a "ranged" class. I never really took people who sit back and shoot Elder Rebellion/True Equilibrium as their main attack or used the original Infinite Fire/Infinite Storm very seriously as "Gunners" because those attacks really undermine what makes the Gunner stand out so much in the original game. In that same breath, I would say the very same for Bullet Rave because it lets you play from a distance but it doesn't play to the Gunner's strengths other than building up the chain.

Chain Trigger in this game is significantly easier to build up and easier to use so I don't see many problems with setting it up - but the only real gripe I have is that we don't have a very engaging rotation or setup you can use to actually utilize something like Chain Finish as its biggest nerf is the fact that all the new photon arts so so long that you will never finish a rotation in time. My experience simply has it that you can get a maxed out Chain Boost and simply use Stylish Onslaught immediately after a photon art-cancel during Chain Finish to bash enemies and hit harder than most other classes could in a short period of time. You definitely won't see numbers like the Gunner used to cause in Phantasy Star Online 2 (instantly breaking millions of damage with proper rotations) but the Gunner still plays relatively closely if you can find ways around their current limitations.

The other big gripe I have is that the animation locks make the Gunner much less enjoyable for me to play now as I was so used to playing them in Phantasy Star Online 2 as the sort of "Daredevil Gunslinger" who was able to keep enemy aggro, wipe rooms of mobs, and avoid just about any and every attack because of how fluid and easy it was to maintain contact with enemies who move. When you have Grim Barrage bringing you to enemies, enough know-how to work out Chain Trigger consistently (it's frustrating when you shoot it onto a breakable part or the "wrong" spot), and when you already have your rotations set up, I definitely feel it is very hard to deny how powerful the Gunner was and that without a doubt Sega had nightmares balancing the class due to how they wrecked so much of the game's balancing for so long. In New Genesis, the biggest "nerf" to the Gunner bringing other classes up is that the Gunner simply lost so much of their self-sustained utility and versatility. You're not as fast as the original Gunner and you're not as dodge-happy because of the animation locks that prevent you from using Stylish Roll or the Dodge Action when you need them. On top of that, even their Another S-Roll Arts took a huge range nerf but this particular nerf makes sense to me considering how absolutely trivial it was to clear mobs in the original game (when it was originally unlocked you were hitting for Satellite Aim levels of damage).

I feel that the Gunner could have taken the Chain mechanic from Phantasy Star Nova's Ranger (Assault Rifle and Twin Machineguns) as that class had a special "Chain" that build up as you fought enemies. Each damage you dealt would increase your damage multiplier the higher the chain got and would be lost upon taking damage or not hitting enemies after a period of time. The Luster's voltage mechanic incorporates something similar, but I personally don't have issues with Chain Trigger in its current state considering we get the Gunner/Luster-like version of it where a whiffed or scuffed Chain Trigger isn't anywhere near as brutal as any other combination's versions of Chain Trigger cooldowns.

I always viewed Gunner as a Ranged Melee lol. It got so much attack boost from just being up close and the ability to dodge and attack from pretty much any angle. Satellite Aim, Messiah Time and Elder Rebellion were my personal favorites. Grim Barrage was broken for movement, Horizontally and Vertically. I like how much more fluid the class feels outside of it's PAs but the PAs is definitely where gunner got shanked the hardest.

I would have liked to have seen Chain Trigger replaced by a scion class type buff. Perhaps having the bar full would increased Damage by a miniscule amount, or pp recovery or aggro gen. And using the buff would basically put you into an "overloaded" type state where you do much more damage, and generate more aggro with the option to use the skill effectively one more time to deal damage in a mini PB equal to the remaining time. Which ultimately would be the same as maybe 75% uptime on the buff being kept on without bursting. This would discourage just bursting all the time, but would give you an option if the fight is ending soon. (Or another buff you may have/enemy down state). You could even add elements of Chain Trigger in there and remove a gauge build-up and have it work off of a "shot counter". Build the Combo into Gunner's basic kit and have PAs burst off of the build up (Would show a small reticule on the targeted mob with the number the same as it does now) but not require the charged PA to initiate. It would just be there and it would reset upon breaking/changing targets(unless it was another point on the same mob). What made gunner so great 8-9 years ago only became what it was in the previous couple of years because of people's dedication to the class. Used to be, you would Stylish roll perfect attack everything for BDDps. After the stylish roll nerf, thats when people started seeking other means. Thus the Chain Break rotations were born. 😛

Edit: Just wanted to add that I did miss Shoulder Tackle, I like it more than Grim Barrage but it wasn't nearly as good. 😞

@FoolsArcana thanks for your time to write about gunner. I feel like it definitely needs some tweaking. people giving more ideas and complaining about it might make the chnages happen.