Xbox Ultimate Game Pass Bundle Needs to be changed.

So I'm going to keep this short and sweet. And vent a little frustration along the way. So I see that the rewards for the game pass have changed. It looks okay for the most part. Until I noticed we no longer get the Premium set in the offer. I feel that is a BIG oversight. Most of the added items are kind of useless or easily farmed later in the game. I don't want 10 free Ex-cubes, Photon Spheres, or 100 grinders. I can farm all of that on my own.

The inclusion of character space and the personal quarters is another thing that bothers me. As they have a combined price of 1500AC. Take a good guess at what else costs 1500AC. PREMIUM SET. I just can't wrap my mind over the change. Cause its just better to give people the Premium set. I'll tell you this, I sure wont be buying it, as it includes something i'm already getting(Personal quarters 700ac, Mission gold pass 200sg). So I'll be overpaying for the service.

You guys should have gotten the community in on this, so we could have came to a better ground on the topic. As I feel this is not the best direction to take the Game Pass Bundle. As it stands now. Its leading to players getting ripped off, cause if someone wants the Premium set but got the Bundle -the game pass costs 15$ a month, Premium set is also 15$- they will effectively be losing 17$. 7$ for the Personal Quarter and about 10$ for the Mission gold pass. 120sg is 5$

Can I get some opinions from you guys on the matter?

EDIT: Didn't realize this was the suggestion thread, I apologize for the original opening.

The argument about the price of premium and the price of game pass resulting in a net loss is not a valid argument because Game Pass Ultimate has nothing to do with PSO2, they merely offered a perk to several different games for their subscribers.

The swapping of premium for 500 extra AC and a 30 day personal room pass leads me to believe that the exploit open their eyes to the fact that giving away a free 30 day shop pass has opened the door for some exploits (or rather enabled them more easily) which increased market volatility.

I would almost be willing to wager that SEGA would rather put everything that was part of premium EXCEPT FOR the shop pass rather than include the Premium Set again.

At least while game pass ultimate is on promo for 1 dollar, I don't think they will bring it back.

You got a point, I don't much care for the games on Xbone. So when I got the pass, it was for the benefits it added to pso. So I view it from that standpoint. Which is why I can see it as a valid argument. I do know from reading twitter, that a good few people made the change from just gold to the game pass for the first set of benefits. But I do need to keep in mind, that the pass offers other things. Like games! lol. This will still prove to be an issue and needs to be readdressed.

@Zinnie1509 I agree that it is crappy, especially for those who purchased it only for PSO2.

Premium Set is better than anything else and should be part of it, but I think there are things behind the scenes they have to sort out that won't be disclosed to us.

Obviously, if they added back the premium set, they'd have to remove the following perks from the new one:

  • Personal Quarters Use (30 Days)
  • Mission Pass Gold Ticket