[NGS] Xbox - Game freezes when exchanging event currency.

On Xbox, I have attempted three times to exchange event currency for 1 "Glissen Wire" and 4 "20 SG". Each time, a loading animation appears and the game stops responding to any inputs for several mintues before finally disconnecting from the server. Muisc continues to play and I can see other players approaching / walking away from Xiandy, system notifications, and the like. The screen also displays 0 "Glissen Wire" and 1 "20 SG" selected, instead of the attempted exchange. Screenshot attached.


Just as an additional note, I just successfully exchanged for several things, 2 "Twinkling Ribbon" in one purchase, 1 "20 SG" in a second transaction, and 3 more "20 SG" in one last go. Not sure if it was a server problem or something about that particular combination of items, but there you have it.

Glad you were able to exchange some and that it get's ironed out!