Draw annihilation ticket for 5 10x just to get silence neckguard but it doesnt appear in the accessories in the salon

I spent 350$ just to get 2 annihilation ticket for the neckguard, at first I thought I purchased an incorrect item but on the second one, it allows me to register it on all my characters which sucks but man it doesn't appear on the accesories. I'm scammed, please help

I'm just going to ask to cover all bases

Did you use both of silent neckguard on the same character

Did you check your other Inventories in case it went into there

Are you playing as a male because I heard some accessories on gender bound (now type 1 or 2)

@Drakaina Im playing using female character. I already found it but it took time for the item to appear. I'm not sure but it took some delay (30 min delay perhaps) for the item to appear in my salon which sucks because I thought that I might have spent the ticket on another acc which prompt me to topup again just to get another free ticket. That delay though made me spend more than what I intend to. 😞