Did PSO2 New Genesis Steal my money???

I just spent $40 dollars on buying new AC currency and it hasn't appeared on my account. I've tried contacting the company and the page just takes me right back to the beginning asking me to sign in. Did they steal my money or did they just not complete their page for contacting customer support??

If it was your first time buying AC, it takes a day for it to go through due to anti-scam systems, after that all other purchases should be quicker.

I've bought things before and the currency never got added.

Is this your first purchase for PSO2 specifically?

For example, I have been buying stuff on Steam for 7 years, but if I do my first ever PSO2 purchase (be it AC or the Rappy Pack) only now, then it may take 24 hours before it will actually get updated to my PSO2 account.

Need to know your specific circumstances, such as on what platform you're playing, have you bought PSO2 stuff before, etc., and maybe someone in the same situation can chime in.

all first purchase via Steam takes 24 hours to be processed into PSO2 account doesn't matter if your account is old and you had done tons of purchases the first one that is for PSO2 will take 24 hours, during that time a item will appear in your Steam inventory I don't know if it was removed or not after NGS release.

Epic Store also takes 24 hours to process but I don't know how it works there.