So where have you seen Glissen weapon drops?

Thanks to Glissen being 3-star, it doesn't trigger a rare drop animation. So even though I have already looted 2 Glissen weapons (wand and talis), I have no idea where I got them. Each time I only realized when I'm back in Central and cleaning out my inventory.

I've seen on Reddit that someone got a Glissen drop in Mt. Magnus. Where I have also been briefly for the regular daily task. But I have not seen someone specifically say they got their Glissen drop in the exploration zones.

So where did you get your Glissen drop? And are you 100% sure about where it dropped?

I'm planning to stash away 2 of each Glissen weapon and I would hate to keep farming in zones that simply won't drop them.

i got Glissen Sword while in lvl5 Mt. Magnus while PSE Burst was active, killed weak event mob and sword dropped from it


I'm starting to suspect they only drop in combat zones... 😞

I got one to drop outside of a combat zone. I think a Rappy dropped it.

Ah that's a relief to hear. I guess I'll just keep trying. Thanks.

mount magnus

I can confirm that Gigantix can drop them.

Cool, thanks. Seems Magnus is the place to go, to farm points as well.

Got a Launcher from the Pettas Vera UQ and a TMG and a Launcher from Rank 2 Mt Magnus.

Glissen drop rate seems to be similar to Resurgir but only from Seasonal Enemies.

@kztm I haven't seen a single one drop, and I play daily.

Just gonna buy from the shop, it's ridiculous.


It's just rng ...plenty of Magnus runs, nothing. On two ships. Nada x 0

I've got 6 up to now, and most from Mt. Magnus. But I only really saw the last one drop from a silver PSE Climax starred boss. That's with +40% rdr.

Personally during all this farming, I got more Resurgir weapons than Glissen. And like close to 20 other 4-stars.

But even at this low rate, Glissen prices are down to like 10k-20k each, so I guess they do have the drop rate at the right place.

Gotten plenty to drop, sold em all, not worth using over my LV5 Fixa 4 Pot Cattleya Sword with Mastery 2, Giga 2, Dread keeper 2 and a Soul 2 on it.

I still outdmg people who uses em on thunder weak targets.