Fishing in NGS

So as I've been playing NGS, I've been finding myself wishing that I could fish like in base PSO2. As weird as it sounds, I miss it. And I know some found it boring, but it could be reworked into a mini game, similar to the way Final Fantasy XV had handled it. It would give people something to do, and could be a starting point to see if other similar mini games could be used to hold player interest longer. Just an idea, one I'm sure will have mixed feelings.

NGS needs a few mini-games for things to do in-between farming and UQs just in general.

I miss seeing my character fish too. I would like fishing.

Maybe that can be something they can added to a safe zone, since in PSO2 fishing and harvesting would get interrupted by wandering mobs or another player dragging an E-Code boss toward you.

You can fish in real life and relax (< someone is probably going to say that it's "relaxing") all you want. If they make it so that you dive into the water and "fish" by fighting and killing big fish, then sure, but otherwise no thanks.