Frequent disconnects after maintenance

After yesterday's maintenance I can't stay connected for more than 10 minutes. I've verified that my network is stable with everything but PSO 2. Any way to fix this?

@LIL-MIZBEHAVIN said in error 630 constantly today:

Thanks for the link. I am using wired internet. i checked my connection and it shows it was connected the whole time. In fact i was on voice chat in discord and never lost connection with them nor to xbox live, just pso2 servers. I did keep getting an "unable to access your latest save" error message too.

I remembered this was happening back in beta. People on reddit said to disconnect from the pso2 client. sign out of xbox live. Then reconnect and launch pso2. xbox live would come up with an message saying it has to sync with the pso2 client. Let it spent about 5 minutes syncing up. Then you can access the pso2 servers and it will find your saves. that the pso2 servers were lagging and it was somehow causing desync with xbox live. So I tried that. Sure enough, that fixed the issue. Not a single disconnect after that. No more error messages saying the client couldn't locate my most current gamesave.

  • hugs to helpful community members who reminded me of this fix*

Another user tried this for a similar issue.

I'm actually having the same issues. I've tried anything I could find on here, as well as posts on the issue from the JP server in the past 8 years. Still no luck. I may have to put the game down until the local ordinates have expired >.>