Not receiving 500 star gem from tweeter campaign

There are a numbers of us in the alliance didn't receive the 500 star gems from twitter campaign. Some of us started when the game launched and some of us were from base pso2 players. Is this a bug or there are something that we missed that lead us failed to receive it?

I'm having the same problem, I created my account way before NGS launch and I didn't receive anything at all

the same issue on me, suppose all will get right? i started become the gigantic come out

@SiegBrave same here most of my alliance got it but some still did not all been in alliance since pos2 base before ngs

All I had to do was make sure I was in an NGS Block, go to the System section of the menu, claim rewards, and claim stuff for the account. If it isn't there, you should probably send a support ticket.

I was able to receive my other rewards after logging in to NGS from the past maintenance, but I didn't get the SG or the Matoi stamp 😞

Same issue for my alliance only none of us had gotten it instead of being hit and miss with people getting and others not. I hope they fix this soon.