Respawining materials before daily quest reset. again.

The materials in every locale respawned around midnight tonight, on my server time ( 1200 MDT, yes I checked multiple blocks. If I farm these materials right now. and they're part of the daily, I'm boned until it respawns in 24 hours... hey, remember how y'all had this set on a 3 day timer? because I do, you're not getting away from that dumb decision that easily. Hey, could y'all not, maybe, fuck up your game, within every single patch?

i've noticed this too, affecting everything except minerals, which spawn at the same time as the daily reset. although it doesn't strictly lock you out of dailies, it's certainly a weird design decision which has made me avoid gathering non-minerals if i see them too close to daily reset.

i've noticed that fruit, vegetables, and seafood seem to actually respawn at the same time as the weekly reset, though, which comes a bit before the daily reset. maybe that has something to do with it?