Restart the whole game again?

Can i uninstall pso2 ngs and reinstall it to start again from the beginning or not ive made to many mistakes and now the game is unenjoyable for me i want a refresh of everything is this possible?

like delete your character?

@Pok delete everything a whole game wipe and reset

Why would you want to uninstall and reinstall though? Just delete your character and start again.

just delete your characters or make a new account, you don't need to uninstall the game for that.

@HermitST ive tried that but when i created a new char the red boxes was still all collected and everything else was still in my storage ive created a new char different server but the red boxes was no longer available as ive collected them all but ive made to many mistakes and i now no longer enjoy playing why i want to start again if this is even possible

@RedAries9 Yeah thats account bound, you would have to make a new account and log into that instead assuming you're using microsoft account. For Steam its the same case you would have make a new account if theres already an existing account on that.