I've been having issues logging into base PSO2 for the past, going on 3 weeks now? I was logging into it from within NGS and the character select with no problems, then when I tried to go back the last time, I got error 630, thought it was just a little bug, tried again a day or 2 later, same thing. I've reinstalled the game, validated the files, and waited for 2 maintenances, and I'm still unable to get back in to base PSO2, which really sucks, because I had stuff up on my personal shop and want to remove them if they haven't sold. Has anyone found a way to get around this? I'm using the Steam version, just now thought about reinstalling the MStore version, will update once I try it.

EDIT: Let the MStore version install while I was at work, just tried it and I'm still getting the same error as the Steam version. 😕