Item preview

That's literally the suit hiding part of the model. The chest sticks out the exact same distance as the one on the right. Anyway it doesn't even matter. It's not like I do anything with fashion anymore anyway I'm happy with what I have.

It's just annoying that they shifted from using the default female model to literally just using what you're on. I figured I'd post the suggestion to let people swap incase there are people who want to swap between models since if I'm thinking this there are very likely others.

EDIT- as to your edit. You are a cast, that's an entirely different model to humanoid. Which is why it likely still pulls up default models for you going between sexes.

You can log on a female character and try on a male outfit like Garo's outfit. It's just literally taking the head of your character and sticking it on a Type 1 or Type 2 body type depending on the outfit.

Maybe that's what so off putting about it, it means they also keep the same settings (the female version is just a washboard). Cuz it used to just use the default female model which actually looked the part.

In that case I guess my suggestion would be to go back to using defaults lol

@Nasar If you want a different type 2 body on that character just turn off sync and change it

That just under one of the settings? Or a salon thing? I'm guessing it's either new or was disabled by default until now.

I found the sync salon options and turned them off. However since they were synced at all (by default) I'm gonna have to use sg/salon pass to remake that model then swap back apparently. Not just a matter of deselecting sync and being able to set it back to default... Assuming desyncing the salon actually has the preview function use the other set model which I have to assume based on what you guys have told me here. Or else what would be the point?