Item preview

Please either let us select if we want to see it previewed on a male/female body. I don't want to have to hop between characters just to see what an item looks like on a male/female body.

I have no clue why they changed this feature from it just previewing on the proper body type, it's just an annoyance. It can be comical at times, but an annoyance none-the-less.

@Nasar what do you mean you can already do this

@Nasar I NGS the preview works by Type 1 is male and Type 2 is female, it used to be you couldn't preview the opposite gender emotes before NGS

@LazerRay that's what they mean

@Drakaina am I an idiot and looking over this option? Everything I look at on a male character appears on a male body and vice versa.

I'm specifically talking about previewing items we don't own yet, not emotes and such where you can hold shift to change the animation.

You can preview opposite gender items in NGS besides emotes, it will just look weird when you do that.

I'm asking how though, cuz it used to use the proper model by default. And as it stands it doesn't, everything just keeps appearing on the model I'm currently on. I didn't realize we had the option to choose now or I'd have never made the thread - since that's kinda what I was asking for.

It has to be done on the NGS side with related fashion items, since you can use any body type, so previewing an opposite gender item will use that body type.

I run a male CAST, but previewing a female outfit on the new scratch: 57c8f647-9958-434e-8ec0-c65a69763cbc-image.png

Ya, it did that on base. But now on NGS it doesn't, at least it hasn't been for me since launch.

@Nasar You posted just as I was editing my previous one

I'm not seeing the option anywhere, and holding shift doesn't do anything like for emotes. Just to give a visual...

NiceSwimSuitBro.JPG ThighHIghs.JPG

It used to use the proper model... obviously it's not anymore. So if you know where this option is to select the model for it to use I'd love to know. Cuz swapping characters just to preview something on the proper model has gotten old quickly.

That is a female model on the left.

There is no setting, just preview the fashion and it will automatically set the body type for it, just like what you already did in your screenshots.

Except it isn't, it's the exact same model as on the right. I just took a front facing image.

The old system literally would use the default female model when doing this. Now it just uses the male model I'm on. It does the same thing when im on a female character just with the inner wear showing.

Take a closer look in the chest area between your screenshots, those are different body models, and if you still can't see it, I'm done here.