Intense lag in combat zones

For the past week or so, each time I go to a combat zone where other people are I will get progressively worsening lag, going as far as updating the game every couple seconds(I can still move around and attack, but no damage numbers pop up), eventually ending in a disconnect if I continue sticking around. Same issue also happens in UQ, but I have tested and it never happens in exploration zones, even if they are full(gigantix hunting blocks) and it also doesn't happen if I am in combat zone solo.

I have also recently experienced this problem during the quests that pop up (UQ's?). I wasn't sure if it was just my internet being stupid or not, so I opted to see if the problem persisted. Seeing as how I'm not the only one that experienced the issue, I'm now thinking the problem is not on my end.

I had the same issue yesterday while farming on Resol Forest. I've expected some "delays" here and there just because I'm from Eu so my ping is prolly around 190+ most of the time. But this is just bad and feels unplayable.

same it just got super bad like 5 mins ago during a fight everything stopped moving

Same the combat zone lag is atrocious on top of the random crashes I've been having since last maintenance I'm border line done with the game at this rate.

I have experienced horrendous lag even in non-combat zone like central Aelio. Most of the times the lag is so bad that it is near unplayable. It takes at least 15 seconds for any actions to take effect.

I can deal with the lack of contents, but the lag is killing my motivation to even play the game.