What do you think of my interaction map?

I'm still building and there is still a lot to put, I would like to know your opinion and also a suggestion on what else to put =D

link: https://suislide-map.com/

Come on in discord too =D

link: https://discord.gg/jD4qK7DU2E

It's nice, I can collect turnips easier this way, although the alpha reactors change every day.

@kesulbi Yea, we are analyzing if you have any pattern of days/weeks/day of the month.

That's why I'm putting it on the map, soon I'll add the date and time I found the Alpha and Gold Box to have a general analysis eheheh

Wow, good research so far. I hope it finds some patterns! Though it's secondary to hoping there aren't patterns since it'd be nice if the game wasn't that formulaic haha.

You missed two of the vet mobs along the river in the central region, one near the forest entrance, the other near the southern hook section.

@LazerRay Tks Lazer, now is on the map =D

That should help people find those mobs for the task, augment farming, and also the anniversary event (since they might randomly spawn with the right stats/weakness)

@Miraglyth I think there are no parameters ehehe.

But from now on, every reactor I find, if it's on your current day, will show a mark like this. I just need more time to mark all in current day 😂


The Today marker seems to change which of those two it points at depending on the zoom level.

@Miraglyth Fixed =D, thanks


I've used similar maps for Black Desert Online, this is great! Thank you.