So are the new weapons broken? Haven’t seen a single elemental down symbol yet.

Anyone know what this mystery attack to enable this ability is supposed to be?

Anyone know how these abilities work? Still haven’t seen it.

What these weapons do is add an element to the attack of the weapon, allowing normal attacks and PAs to contribute to an elemental downing of enemies,like the Nogleth in the opening trailer. Up to this point no weapon has had an elemental effect, leaving techs as the only way to achieve an element down. Basically, any time a boss stops is a down, this isn't a new status effect but a way for all classes to contribute to the elemental version.

I'm basing my response off an assumption. But, someone posted in another thread somewhere, that basically Techs represented a value of 4 towards an elemental down, deployed Talis Techs represented a value of 2 towards an elemental down and infused wand smacks/explosions counted as a value of 1 for elemental downs. (Unsure for the source of this information) Assuming the Glissen series is infusing each attack with it's element, that likely means that it is also counting for a value of 1 on elemental downs as well. With its potential unlocked, however, I'm assuming that every 10/20 seconds(unsure because of possible mistranslation) it does an additional elemental down hit (for a combined value of 2). If every attack is not infused and it is only counting the weapon potential skill, then it's safe to say that it is only adding a value of 1 to the elemental down state every 10/20 seconds.