Elemental Down and Elemental Debuff on Glissen

Need to ask regarding Elemental Down and Elemental Debuff on pot lv 3 and pot lv 4. What is the difference between the two?


@sheizansc That looks like a translation error rather than a change in effect.

I found a Twitter thread showing the JP version of the potential on the sword from Lv.1 to Lv.4, and they are all using the same wording. So it is indeed just a translation error on the EN version.

Thread: https://twitter.com/kajyapi/status/1412706857051852801

From Lv.1 to Lv.4 they all say "Elemental Down".

By the way, the JP version also has this line: "Recast time 20 seconds." Looks like we're playing a different version of the game, which is entirely possible (for example, the JP team may have decided to add stuff into the description after giving the EN team the files to translate, and due to time zone differences in office hours and/or communications delays, the EN team went live with the translated old version).

Either that, or we have a very sloppy translation team. Unfortunately it's impossible to tell without knowing the actual workflow. Knowing how they skimped hardcore on translating item descriptions in base PSO2, I'm not sure I have confidence in them.

@kztm I rarely see times there isnt a sloppy translation job... Its just a matter of determining the level of sloppyness on a scale from 1 to 10. I think part of the problem is that there is often not enough room for a proper Japanese to English translation on these windows. They dont seem to make them resizable or something.

Using those potential description windows as an example, if they didn't word wrap sentences so soon they could fit double the amount of characters in the spaces provided, but they cut off sentences at half the window. That is really silly.

When it comes to Japanese, 3 Characters of Kanji can easily translate to 20 characters of English text, and same for other languages other than those that also use similar systems to Japanese (like Chinese). They really need to make the usable space bigger to take that into account, and that space is clearly there.

So much can go wrong in these things, especially considering PSO2 NGS may have decades old code in its core. For example, all the line wrapping may be manual simply because the display component doesn't support any kind of auto line-wrap, and that is a common problem with a lot of home-baked game code: the UI looks clean and all until you try to localize it into a different language and you realize everything was a carefully hand-crafted facade that crumples when you make the slightest change.

When that happens, translators are often given a non-negotiable max line width, such as 14 double-width characters or 28 single-width characters (ASCII) and strictly prohibited from exceeding the limit, regardless of whether there is still space to the right. If anything, nobody on the translation team would know if there actually is any extra space. All they know is that they are instructed to keep their lines under N characters and that's it.

Even so, it is on the translators to make sure all info is squeezed into the limit, even if they have to use short-hand like "10 sec" isntead of "10 seconds", or say "does extra attack" instead of "unleashes an extra attack".

So this can also be a problem of bad i18n and inexperienced translators plus no review process (a proper review workflow would have caught this error).

Missing parts of the source info in the translation is a big no-no in the industry, and often grounds for dismissing/replacing the translator/language vendor altogether if it happens more than a couple of times.

I think its more that the base language for the game typically doesnt require as much space. Thus, they are able to include the cooldown as well as 4 full sentences before that. Lets take the Japanese version image provided:


Just taking the 2nd to last line and converting it into romanji input, the number of characters used would go outside of the window the text is in. That line reads:

  • Zokuseidaunnotsuikakougekigahassei

which even without the spaces to make that more readable, and matching the size of font used, is more characters than the suspected word wrapping would allow in the same line. Its rough translation is "Addition attack of attribute down occurs", which would also be longer than allowed. Japanese characters allow these to take up less space in practically all instances. This is why IF it is actually coded in a way that does not allow the sentences to be longer, it is coded so because it does not need to be that long in Japanese.

But IMO, that would be a pitfall that doesnt allow flexibility. Assuming they dont have such a pitfall, Its also possible those implementing the lines to display were just trying to copy the format and actually do have the ability to use that whole space. I wouldn't be surprised... In the end, its programming, and there is no impossible to things that can be done. They could very well have the sentences running off the screen !

Theres not much a translator can do if they cant or wont make use of the actual space available for text display, tho.

I would go with the Japanese version as the Global version is not going to commit time towards changing the behavior of potentials on hardcoded weapons. The Base PSO2 translation job was very sloppy on some of the potential due to leaving out information. Prime example of this was the Rod Potential for Liberate weapon in PSO2 where enough information was left out to make it look like it was bad.

Funny thing, the augment details window allows for extra lines so that they put the 20s cooldown in, but this 20 second cooldown wouldn't be known until after you unlock the potential and open a different window on global xD Needs 5 available lines to show everything in English, and 4 in Japanese.

Thankfully there is one up for sale and it can be seen there too.


Ah, so this looks like a case of hard-coded UI in the unlock potential interface. Most likely due to the non-fluid window, they decided each panel of the the before and after levels of the potential should be that height, and that caused the last line in the EN description to be cut off.

Yea so until they fix the UI for consideration for global text space requirements we will be stuck with bad translations and missing info :[ I doubt its ever been a glimmer in their thoughts tho..

Alright, so it's the same thing. Thanks everyone 👍