Please add loot filter OH MY GOD!

I really do not care about getting two or three star weapons. I only want to drop four stars weapons/armor, or silver/gold sword. Can we have an option to filter loot? Or filter based on class? I do not want my inventory to be extremely cluttered. Maybe only rare drops?

Would help a lot good suggestion

This has been my largest complaint in the game. Why do I have to loot sell for almost nothing. Constantly purging the inventory it seems.

There are many things in the game where you could just play the game to the relevant point to show a developers who's watching what you're on about and simply ask "why?". There would be no further need to explain, they would know what your problem is. Especially archaic with the automatic pick up of everything in NGS.

The inventory management is bonus rich additional content.

Why not just quicksell the items immediately after getting them then. In NGS you can sell items from literally anywhere if they're in your inventory. (This option would be nice still, but you can already get rid of the items fast and make meseta off it too).

@Michele I want something like this but way more advanced

  • star rarity
  • weapon type only picked up weapons with a set name
  • weapon class only picks up a Pacific type of weapon
  • augments only picks up a had a Pacific augment
  • automatic cash conversion will automatically convert if none of the above is flaged