Advanced screenshot studio

Similar in premise to Warframe captura when you have the ability to slow down time pause time and what not i suppose these functionalities if anybody's got more I'll add them to the list

  • weather manipulation
  • the ability to control time
  • the ability to control the flow of time on stuff like everything else is pause but you can move
  • the ability to take moves frame by frame to get them perfect
  • the ability to place assets
  • the ability to add NPCs and control them
  • the ability to add friends Avatar in and control them
  • the ability to add in enemies and control them
  • the ability to adjust NPCs friends enemies and assets on the XYZ access and the angular access pitch yaw and roll
  • universal ship idea by @Weirdo

I believe this will be an awesome functionality to add so you can make some amazing pictures

I have an additional thing I would like to add and that is a universal ship screenshot studio so we can take screenshots with friends from other ships.

I say toss in a separate instance of the map areas just for screenshots, that you don't have to deal with mobs/bosses messing things up when they wander too close. (Applies to NGS)

Most of what is listed in the original post can be a nice addition to the PSO2 side, with an extension of the FA part, to also include auxiliaries.

@LazerRay it is implied that it would be