Golden Boxes Are Unrewarding And Not Worth The Effort To Find One.

I must ask, why on earth in New Genesis the Golden box (item container etc.) Give a single literally a single photon chunk now I know photon chunk are not as rich as other resources but a golden box is more rarer even more then a single photon chunk; like I had multiple times traveling for 5 hours to find a single one if I found it in my gameplay per day.

Not meaning this in a mean way.

But, I Believe Golden Boxes, Container Etc..should give somthing more umm valuable for the rarity it is to find one There even more rare then finding Redboxes tbh and I do not know any location of Redbox and I find them more common with bettter, well a lot bettter rewards then Golden it just feels not worth it when each time you break a Golden box a single photon chunk pops and no more like Seriously you can obtain photon chunks bettter in daily refreshes, and their not hard to find and you get more per mining them.

Gold crates have a loot table, Photon Chunks are are just one they they may have, you can also get other materials or N-Meseta from them, there is no way to make a map for them since they have the same spawn mechanics as the green crates, just not as often.

I got an Alpha Reactor from one yesterday.

RNG and such.

Golden Containers are not meant to be searched for they are meant to be stumbled upon and then popped open while you are running around doing other stuff.

I've gotten Photon Chunks, Photon Quartz and Alpha Reactors from them

All i have ever gotten from those boxes were a single photon quartz or photon chunks and the occasional additional single alpha reactor. Might as well just pass them by.

I just got an alpha reactor and a photon quartz from one.

@LazerRay I doubt anything but photon quartz, photon chunk, and alpha reactor is in their active loot table.

I have gotten N-Meseta and Exp from gold crates a few times, they might just have a lower percentage.

@LazerRay are you sure things in the area werent just being killed at the same time?

I was no where near any mobs that got killed at the time, and I was the only one in that general area.

Does anyone know the best thing that a gold box could give? 😮

I have only got the three mentioned items. I would love if they added SG and shop passes (and a SG exchange for the passes for premium users) to the drop tables.

I've never seen anything outside of chunk or quartz 😞 The drops are so bad that these golden boxes don't deviate me much from my course to break them.

I just break every single box I see.

@Pariah-Chan Right now it seems to be Alpha Reactors (i.e. 3.5k N-meseta) with something likely a 10% drop rate. Photon Quartz and Photon Chunks seem to have an even split of 45/45.