Modding the game?

Is the use of mods permitted? I.e. a mod that changes a hairstyle or one that changes a weapon camo or one that changes an outfit?

In the PSO2 License, it states that "Where possible, SEGA encourages its users to express their creativity and enhance the experience of certain games through the creation of modifications (including but not limited to new items, weapons, characters, models, textures, levels, story lines, music and game modes) for use with the Product (“ Mod” or “Mods ”). In order to protect SEGA, the Product, any third party licensors that have licensed intellectual property to Sega for use in the Product, and users that create Mods, the following terms apply (“ Modding Terms ”). Please review these rules carefully before you create, share, distribute, use or otherwise exploit any Mods.

Please note that SEGA prohibits the creation of Mods for certain games. This may be due to third party licensing issues which prevent SEGA from allowing its users to create Mods. In such instances, you shall not be entitled to create Mods for that Product and the Modding Terms shall not apply.

You can find out which Products allow for the creation of Mods by visiting the applicable Modding Page (as defined below). If you are unsure as to whether the creation of Mods is prohibited for your Product, please contact SEGA’s Customer Service Department ( note that laws in your respective jurisdiction may require that you are of a certain age in order to enter into legally binding arrangements such as the terms of this Modding Terms. In the event that you are under the required age, you may not create any Mods, unless your parent or legal guardian has reviewed and agreed to these terms. The licence we provide to you to create and use Mods with the Product may be revoked if you breach the Modding Terms."

However, there is also this: "Subject to your compliance with the terms and conditions of the EULA and the Modding Terms, SEGA hereby grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited, fully revocable right and licence to install, access and use the in-game modding tools and any other related tools provided by SEGA (“ Modding Tools ”) solely and exclusively to create Mods for use with the Product and to publish those Mods to the Steam Workshop Modding page for the Product ( ) if applicable (“ Modding Page ”), or as updated from time to time, which is owned and operated by Valve. Please visit Valve’s website for more details: Please note that Valve is a third party platform and this link is provided for your information only. You acknowledge and agree that your use of the Steam platform and the Modding Page is at your own discretion and risk and that you will be solely responsible for any obligations, damages or losses which arise from your registration, access and use of this service."

And there is no Steam Workshop page for PSO2. So, does this mean that the use of mods is prohibited?

From what I understand, the use of mods is allowed as long as you aren't cheating, using copyrighted material or presenting Sega in a negative light/way.

The TOS says it is allowed.

Interpreting often inconsistent terms is one thing, but just to address the low-hanging fruit in this question set:

@Skape_Gote said in Modding the game?:

And there is no Steam Workshop page for PSO2. So, does this mean that the use of mods is prohibited?

It doesn't mean anything. Several games on Steam officially permit modding, some even supporting it with official mod loaders and such, without using Steam Workshop. Workshop is just something Steam provides that devs can use if they want to.

(And to balance coverage it's worth noting the Epic Games Store also has a modding provision... kind of, in typical EGS fashion. Following a beta that began in July 2020, a tiny number of EGS games that might just be one still have a Mods page whose game-relevant tags suggest they were manually set up by EGS so after a year it's probably still not available to all games.)

I saw someone say something about a mod that gives you the wide angle boss camera. I need that in my life. And step by step instructions assuming I have the mental capacity of a five year old on how to use it.

for what is written in the TOS it means that mods are allowed in the game even through Steam Workshop is not being used, although it could also mean that Sega pretends to use the Workshop support later on, remember that NGS is still a relative new game and Sega is still working in making the application stable and fix the issues and putting mod support before fixing the critical stuff is just asking for even more problems.

There is also an option in the Xbox App (windows 10 store version) to launch the modded version of the game, however it is currently not functional.