I am guessing you have a gen rule of around 1000cc gained per hour or so. Something like that I am guessing. You want an avg amount the player base gets per time spent. It would be obvious to make it a gen rule on the pay out odds, in place of programming a rule for each game. Only this has a ill effect on the Arkuma Slots.

I play to cash out at 1000cc. After I win two games I will lose most of the time not even getting above 300cc before every dark falz fails. I tested this by winning twice and then waiting an hour and doing it again. When I do that i get no what seems auto fails, because I stay in the min 1000cc per hour rule. But if I keep playing I will lose in really bad ways. The odds on getting the wrong falz on a 4 choice the first time 6 times in a row are small. Doing it two days in a row and your code is showing.

I would fix this by excluding the Arkuma Slots from any cc rules, as the payouts are just way to large to be limited like that. The same happens with your black jack table. In order to win big you have to lose a lot, or win really small and the game rushes to get you back to that 1000cc per hour mark.

Not trying to be mean, but it gets super frustrating and is just unwanted stress for your players in what is a time sink mini game. I am not being mean but that is what it is for to lengthen game play and slow burnout. For that it does a great job, just needs a bit more tweaking.

Hope this helps.