What NGS Does Right

I like the community.

And that person who tells dad jokes at random times.

I also like the skill system, but wish there were more extras for doing the cocoons or towers in better times or with all objectives clear.

You know the D-pad on controllers right? Well mine must have down right up and left.

@TrideoGamis Yeah i was talking to a friend about that. Maybe they can add sg or meseta bonuses for doing the optionals in cocoons.

Love the combat, especially with ranged combat Ranger and Force. Mainly love the visuals... versus ESO - which is fun, and active - rather lack luster in grand scheme of things of looks though.

NGS Fire; Hell as been brought forth upon Liz-san.

ESO Fire; feel like a bit of spilled coals from a grill about to extinguish, no worries.

NGS Frost; Death ice cometh.

ESO Frost; a bit of condensation there on the grass, watch your step so you don't slip.

NGS / ESO Shock-Lightning; I wear wool socks to make zippy zaps!

-moving over uneven reliefs, the foot animation looks as it should (like putting one foot on a chair and the other on the floor).

-perfect counter (for the knuckles I like it a lot).

-anchor points for accessories.

-switch between other body types.

-be able to choose between poses and other animations.

-little resource consumption with good graphics (at least in my case and compared to other games I've played like wow and bdo)

Graphic they get it right, personally I think PA and battle now flowing pretty fluid in comparison to old PSO.

I want hardcore enemy, crazy boss that less punching bag and terrifying that actually pose a threat.

Splitting specific loot out across the map to make every area have a purpose is one of the things I like. I spent most of yesterday in South Aelio, and Central the day before because I was after something specific. Keeps everything at least somewhat relevant.

I agree with many, if not all of the previous points. In addition to those, the added maneuverability is super nice. Every class having additional movement in their PA's is great (especially force). It feels good to not be locked in place to cast a spell.

Multi-weapons! I like the direction they going with this. I always wanted to mix and match certain abilities when I was on Pso2. I was never going to give up my Hunter sword skills but always want to know about the paritzan and wire lance action moves. To combine them make me feel like I am building a true Pure Hunter build.

The one thing I wish they add would be that we could combine all the Hunter weapons series in to one. Using the Sword, paritzan and wire lance would feel Ninja like in my book.

I like that they are giving more cosmetic accessories slots! Big plus in my book! I can accomplish the look to its fullest making my character truly unique!

I also like the direction they going with everything being situational and relevant.

Example: going pure damage is going to make you a glass canons which means you better be a damn Pro at evading hits. Pro and con to every build type. There is going to be Tank builds, assassins builds, status elements builds and more with this direction.

Love it all

I think people are not thinking deep enough to what to come and how Sega is getting the community ready for the challenges ahead. They keep a slow a steady pace for the market values to level out and enough time for those who work hard in real life and don’t excessive time to spend on this relaxing game feel like they getting left behind when it comes to progression. Sega giving everyone an equal enough time to assess the environment and challenges to come. Which I personally appreciate and respect! Yes they getting a lot of backlash because those, who can absorb this information faster than other,( for one of two reason mention above) may not be thinking about those who can’t but Sega is, as game developer. Which I appreciate!

@RainGnyu Favorite chess piece?

@Furious-0 said in What NGS Does Right:

@RainGnyu Favorite chess piece?

Well maybe.........really enjoy the game.

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I'm tired of seeing all of these doom casting threads. Stuff got really old real quick. I'd like to hear from some of you what you think the game does well. (Or does decently but could use some slight tweaking)

Keep the toxic crap at bay

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@dalamar Wrong thread, take that elsewhere