What NGS Does Right

I'm tired of seeing all of these doom casting threads. Stuff got really old real quick. I'd like to hear from some of you what you think the game does well. (Or does decently but could use some slight tweaking)

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Here is a list to start with:

  • Better ways to combine different classes that would other wise be impossible in PSO2
  • The multi-weapon system, since it works well with what I listed above
  • More dynamic and smoother combat
  • An easy way to keep healing and revive items restocked, since they are in the field or at the start of UQs/instances
  • The free daily SG scratch
  • Being able to sell stuff from your inventory while in the field
  • Being able to set a camo for each weapon you use (Its buggy on multi-weapon camos right now)
  • Some mobs and bosses react to stuff breaking off of them (Both Goro types look at their broken chest, the wolf vet mobs will trip/stumble a lot when all four claws are broken)

That is all I can think of right now, I might think of more stuff later and update this post.

The boss music as well and the removal of perfect attacks.

Room transfer is singlehandedly the best feature of NGS. ❤

@LazerRay No worries, I intend for this thread to last awhile. We need some positivity around here

@Pariah-Chan Yeah the room transfer is a great feature.

The affix system. While I didn't have a problem with the old one, I can't deny how much of a ball ache it was at times.

@NotZyreth How did I forget to mention that. I love the new affix system while I hated the old one.

@Weirdo said in What NGS Does Right:

The boss music as well and the removal of perfect attacks.

The boss music is very good. I hear bits of base episode 5 in some of them (which had the best music in the series imo)

I do miss JAs but I'm not bent up about it being gone

I really like the continuous fire for rifles now, way better than burst or single fire. ❤

@Pariah-Chan Merging Steady Shot into the normal attack made things a lot more fun, same with having Slideburst Zero by default (Blaze Shot), I alternate between those attacks a lot.

personally, I am grateful to them that they

  1. removed the triboost for the party. For me, as a solo player, this is priceless. No additional actions are needed to make everyone happy, no more lost loots due to the fact that someone pressed "forced restart" in UQ, like it was in original.
  2. Full auto loot and an expanded bag + adding another storage specifically for loot.
  3. The ability to sell things at any time. (as one person already mentioned)
  4. Access to all storages from the inventory anytime anywhere
  5. All important things are tied to the account, you don't need to waste time on alts.

@K-UwU You number 3 item is on my first post here, and I didn't know about your number 4 item, that is a good feature to have.

@LazerRay fixed ^_^ But it's important for my too, I hated just throwing things away like it was in the original )

Launcher handles like a modern weapon now instead of feeling like it came straight out of the original PSO. It's to the point where I'm treating it as the rifle instead of the actual rifle.