Duplicate word spam disabled

Idea to update the area chat log

To add in a spam block that if it detects a bunch of words that are the same and or texting in inhuman speed

For instance ( made up site for context)

$5 for 10M scamsite.Scammers $5 for 10M scamsite.Scammers $5 for 10M scamsite.Scammers

If the bots text something like that inhumanely quickly

It will come up with a prompt saying communications blocked for 30 seconds

And then 1M 30M 2H 12M communications band until appeal

Saying in the system punishment activated punishment is XX time next punishment will be XX time

It shouldn't be that hard to implement

This I approve, since other MMOs have a similar feature in them to prevent spamming chat messages, since will not only mess up the bots, it will also slow down normal player chat spam.

This may need some adjustments, but it will help combat the RMT bots and those who spam messages to fill triggers (we have to wait on those for NGS, but it was extremely annoying in PSO2).