Foreword: This one is a doozy, so strap in. Also, everything might not be super coherent, but it still outlines everything important.

There's an issue or something that is keeping the game from loading models in at all. Like, all models, including player and NPC models are the basic, featureless white ones. Completely exiting the game does not fix this issue. Screenshot (255).png

Additionally, when I go to the field, photon dash, jumping, photon gliding, and using any weapon, all of those features do not work (however, if I leave the main city area while photon dashing, I'll stay photon dashing until I stop moving, even if briefly). Screenshot (256).png

Transferring blocks also causes NPC's to not spawn in at all. Screenshot (257).png

I have no idea what causes this, though I know it is now happening whenever I log into the game. Beforehand, it happened maybe once or twice every 4-5 hours or so.

Additionally I would like to note that when NPC's are spawned, (but models not loaded) accessing their menu's causes the menus to load forever, and you can't exit out of them either. Also, talking to the Salon NPC and entering the Salon causes an infinite loading screen (I spent 30 minutes on the salon loading screen, and it still wouldn't load).

Here's the timeline for what happened:

  1. I see an outfit mod that I like on a modding discord
  2. The mod only works on High quality and above (with my computer, I can run Low with some slightly higher settings and it runs about 25fps.)
  3. I mess with my graphic settings a little, trying to see if I can get the mod to work (I would like to note there is a bug in Global only where it's something with the simple graphic settings and changing it to "Ultra" won't actually change it and you have to set it again, log out to menu, go back into the game and set it to "Ultra" again or something).
  4. Mod doesn't work, even with me messing with my settings to try to get it to work, so I shrug and give up.
  5. I remove the mod and set my graphic settings to "Low" again and adjust a few of them to vaguely resemble my settings before any of the modding.
  6. Suddenly, the issue that occasionally happened is now happening whenever I log into the game, without fail.

Also, beforehand, (where the issue was much, much more infrequent), completely exiting the game fixed the issue.

Another note: Whenever I try to exit back to the menu, it gives me an infinite black screen.

A few other people I've talked to (whom are in my alliance) have experienced this issue as well, but apparently not to the degree that I'm experiencing.