Cut-Ins are aligned against the center of the screen and obstructs combat

alt text

As can be seen from the image, the cut-in (from someone else) is flush against the center line of my screen. This means that every single cut-in obstructs the most important part of my view. It took just ONE player with an obnoxious amount of autochat cut-ins in one fight to make me turn off all autochats from other people.

Please reserve at least the center 50% of my view to myself and never let anything pop up here.

I remember in base PSO2, the cut-ins always avoid the center of the screen. So this definitely feels like an oversight when NGS was coded. In the picture above, it would have been perfectly fine had the cut-in shifted to the left by a distance of about equal to its width.

They messed that up, but a better work around is to blocklist the idiots with the insanely spammy autochat cut-ins. (Note: I use autochat cut-ins myself, but only on things that go off once or twice and that is it)

@LazerRay Yep. Gonna do exactly what you suggested. Still hope SEGA would fix this cut-in positioning, though.

They need to fix that, and as for my suggestion, lets say a good chunk of my blocklist is made of people who have autochat cut-ins that go off way too much and made it hard to catch visual cues on PSO2 bosses.