Where did the toxic people come from?

Not like Sega cared about the feedback.



Well THAT is the content people talk about. 😉 Cant let people run around with fully upgraded gear for every class in the very first week can we ?

@Gilver-Redgrave more like “can’t have people not paying us money for these materials in things like the rappy start pack to avoid logging in to a daily job of a video game”. Every new issue presented in this game’s gameplay loop has ‘coincidentally’ led to more aggressive monetization


Well not exactly. Base PSO2 was far faaaaaar worse then NGS in terms of farming materials. So while it is still limited its better then before.

@Gilver-Redgrave I see it as being more boring but you could drop 10 SG like 5 times a day on every character to get tons of materials in a single day (before it started requiring 20 SG)

@Pariah-Chan i was one of those ppl that said there was too much matierials in beta, and i still say it now, there is FAAAAR too much (and you can and could max out your gear in a day)

@Kupo-0 the issue in the actual game wasn’t that there wasn’t enough materials, it was the fact it wouldn’t respawn fast enough to allow dailies to be completed.

It would’ve been a catastrophe if it wasn’t fixed before mission pass came back. o_o

@Pariah-Chan the cycle from beta and until now has always been, "on reset" with some exceptions, and there actually was enough for every one of those days, "with the bug" how do i know? cause i neveer missed one of them.

respawning is a daily thing, as it should be there is too many of them, and i even remember people complaining early on "there is no materials" "stuff isnt respawning" yeah ppl still say that now, i answeered a very early thread about this.

The point isn’t about the materials tho, it’s about Sega disregarding feedback about stuff

But this thread is about toxicity, ive seen lots of diferent versions of this and lots of it, and tbh there is always 2 types of people that cause the toxcitiy, the miss-informed and the ignorant, ive laready added my ideas on how this would go, as well as how to improve the game at the same time earlier on.

@Pariah-Chan how can they be disrigarding it? when i was one of those that said the opposite to the majority? and im pretty sure sega agreed with it. what people like me said.

they did somthing about the stupid party seperation when room changing from beta, they did somthing about the block/deflect timing while adding somthing to fo, they stopped a meta i mentioned in my report and a few expoits i found, some are still useable though sadly

edit: there was limited space to write your own report and most of it was actually a 1-10 "how does this make you feel" type of deal, so feedback wasnt real feedback.

Just block the people. That way you don't have to listen to them anymore, and you can get back to enjoying the game.

In all my time of playing this series, I've noticed it suffers from a small lot of elitist negative nancies. Just ignore them. Don't let them ruin the game for you. Do what makes you happy.

@Kupo-0 if you look back at their comments on all the feedback, they only cared about opinions that feel into the metric they had already laid out.

But back on the topic at hand: ppl are inherently toxic in stressful situations.

The game had been running on a casual system for most of PSO2 NA’s lifespan, with only the hardest mission with fail conditions for fainting only releasing scant months before NGS. So there wasn’t nothing to be stressed about.

Biggest hurdle on NA was SH Luther’s surprise health pool, nothing more. XD

Now seeing how everything on NGS is BP locked AND lvl locked, stuff has already got off to the wrong foot. A raid boss that scales off of player proximity and being under a strict timer is harder than anything PSO2 had ever threw at anyone.

So with all these conditions needing to be met to fight this raid boss, Sega decides to throw it in a spot where random low lvl players would be. New players usually attempt to fight a veteran cuz they don’t know any better, and a Gigantix wouldn’t be any different.

Except it is.

Unlike being able to chicken peck a veteran to death with new players and the passing ARKS, Gigantix only take longer with more ppl, and requires most everyone there pulling their weight. This is wats causing the undue stress.

You better hope the Defense Quests isn’t plopped down near central city, cuz god forbid if players actually could fail Mining defense back on PSO2... XD

This is why you enter the zone at level 15 and force the toxic players to go buy an item out of your shop and then you leave the zone.


The BP block in fact was something players wished for. People were sick and tired of noobs running high end dungeons with Sigma weapons so Sega gave us the BP system.

I haven't seen any toxicity in NGS, if you are not level 20 and scaling up a gigantix, that is both yours and Sega's problem.

Sega seems to have a competency problem, so you're expected to make up for their coding and planning deficiencies, as a level 19 can't damage a gigantix but sure as hell scales them up for no evident reason. I guess a simple check is too hard...