More Adjustments to Chat Range for Central City

I know that the chat range of symbol arts are said to be getting options when they're getting re-enabled for area chat. But that's not enough, now that they temporarily disabled the symbol arts in area chat the bots have been getting sneaky with area chat too. I think having the area from the command room/tower on should have a separate chat range, and so should the areas from the cafes on would work well to make this a bit less bad.

People rarely talk from actually inside the tower, and the people who would want to go in the cafes want a little more privacy by having their chat be separate from the central area, and bots are still abusing the range of the chat in that area anyway. The bots are hiding in corners that are hidden near the edges of the city next to the houses (which are within the aforementioned areas past the cafes), but if a separate chat range was there the bots wouldn't want to go there because it would be harder to advertise. If they couldn't speak from there they would have to stay in areas where it's easier to block them to send their message to more people.

It's nice to be able to type from anywhere within the city no matter where you are and have everyone see it, but the negatives outweigh the positives of it, there need to be restrictions so we don't have to go searching too much for people we have to block, and I don't think anyone should have an issue with the ranges I listed as they are still pretty large and contain a big chunk of the city.

The other areas are fine because everyone is spread out the bots aren't going to waste time going around the other areas.

Give this person a medal, please.

We need something to determine the limited area message range, like a "muffle zone". Say, perhaps, that being among the houses in a crevice make your message go out only slightly from the edge of the buildings, like whispering in an alleyway.

If it was a small portion, absolutely. I'll coin Deltaotter's phrasing a "muffle zone", the Cafe would make a great one; but I don't think limiting the area that Area Chat can be spoken to is really going to help much. In fact it might get really bothersome, having multiple areas where your chat isn't being reached.

If the problem is bots, than SEGA needs to get better at dealing with them, not patching the problem with band-aids. If the problem is spam, than SEGA should let us turn off Area Chat from the Display All window, a feature that still works in PSO2, but strangely was removed from NGS.

@Levison Idk man I think most people that would speak in these areas would be perfectly fine with the chat area being restricted to that area. There's nothing in those areas, so there's not really a reason to be in these areas if you want to speak to more people. It would make more sense to only be in these areas if you want privacy.

I feel this is a better solution, and yours is more of a band-aid solution.

@Riesz I didn't offer any solutions that weren't already yours. You'd know if you read what I said. I gave merit to your suggestion and agreed that it could work; if it's done on a smaller scale, to key area(s) of the city. The Cafe, in particular.

Although, if your problem is the bots; then yes, this is a band-aid solution; and instead of blindly adding features meant to stem the tide of RMT and Bot-spam, but often affecting the playerbase in drastic ways. SEGA should instead, focus on the problem head on. Finding ways to stop the bots and the RMT, while affecting the playerbase as little as possible.

Approaching it with a scalpel, rather than a hammer; as it were.