[NGS] Adjust automatic Task focus

NGS gave us the ability to put a Task in focus. This means its progress is displayed in the upper-left side of the screen, below the minimap.


For some tasks such as resource collection it also puts markers on our main camera view to let us know where to go or to indicate that there is a needed resource nearby.

When you complete a task, the game automatically puts one of your incomplete tasks in focus. This appears to have a priority; from what I've seen so far I think it might simply choose the first task in your overall task list, meaning it naturally prioritises Main tasks, then Side, then Daily, then Weekly, then Limited-Time.

I suggest changing the prioritisation in at least one of two ways:

  1. So it prioritises tasks that have a deadline, and among those the one/s whose deadline is the earliest, and/or
  2. So it chooses Daily tasks first, then Weekly, then Limited-Time, then Main and lastly Side tasks.

If we have multiple Daily tasks (and we always have 5 every day), it is an irritant to set one of those, complete it, and for focus to invariably switch back to the red containers task forcing us to need to manually set it to the next daily task. Each day this would happen 4 times just from Daily tasks (at which point it's not worth the effort focusing them at all).

If NGS had more tasks this would be considerably annoying, and even with the few it's got I'm already looking forward to completing the red containers Side task not because of its reward but to stop it stealing focus from more pressing tasks when there is no criticality for it to deserve that and when it doesn't even provide any screen markers.

I would also like to point out that even if you uncheck one of the tasks present on the list, the game will automatically mark any of the uncompleted tasks available after around 15 seconds.

I tried to remove the screen cluttering by deselecting "Complete Daily Tasks" only for the game to force a mark on said Task once again, something I couldn't complete because I already had done all my dailies that moment, so the whole thing was really annoying.

In regards to both your points. I'm glad I'm not the only one who was frustrated with the way tasks work on screen, both tracking new tasks, and shutting them off.