Items Sent to Material Storage Don't Get System Announcement in Chat Log

When Material Storage is active, and I pick up items that go directly to Material Storage, those items are not announced by the System in the Chat Log. Only items that go into my inventory are announced.

That is perfectly normal, and actually useful since it doesn't spam you with notifications when you pickup a lot of material items.

It did this on PSO2, and this continues to work the same way in NGS.

Interesting, then it is a translation error. Because the option in Gameplay tab says:

Display Log When Items Acquired

Select whether to display a notice in the log each time you acquire an item.

I acquired those items no matter where they are sent to. But I can see how a programmer could hook that notice onto the inventory and ignore the other storage spaces.

Still, I would prefer a more granular option to announce my material acquisition, because I keep missing the floating text and often wonder "what did I just pick up" but there's no log to check for verification.

So another sub-option for "Also announce material storage" would be great.