System displaying foreign dialogue

I was play the game and got a alert from the system that said

未達成の期間限定タスクが残っていま す。


same. yesterday, this message was in English


Guess I better start learning another language, or get one of those real time translators.

This button is lonely, because people can't seem to find it: 7a65c17a-fff7-4e28-9f7c-5580b6c96e92-image.png

This is now the fith thread on a bug that has already been reported:


As I stated before, I will keep counting these threads and linking every single one together, until the bug gets fixed or people actually use the search function and quit making new threads on something that has already been posted.

We wound up with several threads about the Episode 6 version of Risa's ally card being stuck on the JP voice tracks even though things were set to English, I know this since I was the one who made that first bug report that just wound up buried under all the duplicate ones people made.