Weird System Message Saying I have Unfinished Limited-Time Tasks?

Anyone suddenly getting this message as well?

alt text

"未達成の期間限定タスクが残っています。" meaning "You have unfinished limited-time task."

But my Limited-Time task list shows nothing. And this is the first time I see this system message. What's going on?

Ah thanks. I just hope there isn't some hidden time-limited task I don't know about.

Oh, I got this when transferring blocks and thought it might be an untranslated (for whatever reason) UQ announcement since that was going on.

Reminds me of PSO2 when I used to be told whenever I'd transfer a block something like "purchased items will show up in the visiphone within 24 hours" after a certain update, that persisted for around a month or so. It only happened on the Steam version of the game, if I played an MS install on that same computer (via tweaker swapping) it was fine. And before anyone mentions "sounds like a tweaker issue", it also happened on my pure Steam install on another PC.

Wonder if it's a similar issue, though.