Ever going to fix auction house?

Have they mentioned if / when they are going to fix the auction house? Absolute garbage launch so far... Feels more like a BETA

It’s an alpha at this rate. Auction house is already ruined by preexisting issue that wasn’t resolved last game.

not to go too far off topic, but how does the Player Market in any way qualify as an "Auction House"? You cannot bid on anything. But Semantics aside here are some points that when fixed or changed would fix most of the Market:

Unify same items. Like there are hundreds of the same weapon. Do not list them one by one but unified. Like Vialto Talis 1264x or something. Of course differencies have to be seperated like enhancement level, Potentials or Augments and of course the price, that would make it way more accessible.

And of course, fix the Search function.