Untranslated message for unfinished limited-time tasks - "未達成の期間限定タスクが残っています"

When we have some unfinished limited-time tasks close to their expiration date, the game shows a warning message but it's shown in Japanese language.


This happens even if all three optional language settings are set to English.

I got the message too and I don't have any tasks left so it doesn't even require having any limited time tasks.

A member of my alliance got the same bug

This post is deleted!

I just got the glitched message bug when the UQ block switched me, and get it again when switched back to my home block.

Yeah, I keep getting it every time I change block.

Yeah, I first noticed this message on my alt account with tons of unfinished limited-time tasks, so I thought displaying the warning itself is fine, just the translation is missing. But now I'm getting this on my main account with no remaining limited-time tasks. 😧

So this seems to be actually two different issues.

  1. The warning message for remaining unfinished limited-time tasks is not translated.

  2. The warning message is displayed even for people without unfinished limited-time tasks.

@Fiona-Respha It shows even if you dont have any unfinished limited time tasks.

I got this too. According to the Google Translate app, it means "There are still unachieved limited-time tasks."1056640_20210704164313_1.png

same also had a line pop up during urgent

Welcome back 😢