PSO2 NGS: Vanford Laboratory Daily Glitches when completed with Weston's Vanford Laboratory Quest

Discovered this is not actually a bug. I just didn't realize there were 2 different Laboratories based on character level. Please feel free to delete this post moderators. I apologize for creating this in error.

So I accepted Weston's Vanford Laboratory Quest with the plan to complete it with my daily Vanford Laboratory Quest. Both are subjugation quests. Weston's is 100 kills, and the daily is 50 kills. When I was completing these quests, I was focusing on Weston's quest as I ran around the Vanford Laboratory Ruins killing monsters. I wasn't paying attention, so I don't know if I completed the daily during this run, but the daily is still showing up on my Quest board in-game, and its counter is stuck at 0/50, even after finishing Weston's quest and staying to kill around another 50 monsters. I don't know if this is a visual glitch, and I did in fact complete this quest, or the interaction between both quests broke this quest, since, I wasn't focusing on it during the Laboratory runs.

I would like to say that I made an error in my assumption. I had the daily quest for Part 2 of the Laboratory subjugation quest, which is a "different" area technically than the regular laboratory. I was able to confirm this after leveling up and upgrading my gear a bit further. I am now able to complete the daily quest in the part 2 variation of the laboratory.