Overhead Display Font Inconsistent

I noticed since playing the original PSO2 global that the font gets kinda inconsistent with the text over players heads, but since NGS it's gotten much more noticeable. The font seems to be incapable of maintaining it's shape specifically for players for some reason. The text over NPCs heads never seems to have this issue.

Anyway, the issue is that the text will look like it's styled completely different over some players heads with no rhyme or reason. People that are far distances apart can sometimes have the text over their head look exactly the same, while even for players right next to eachother it sometimes looks completely different. The text over some players heads looks bold, for some it looks more pixelated, sometimes some people do or don't have black borders around the the text over their head.

Is there anyway to fix this? Or is this a bug that must be fixed by the pso2 team? I wondered this for a while, so finally decided to ask about it now. (I'm aware of the blue party text, but that's not the issue here, this happens to the text regardless of it's color).

Apparently it changes brightness based on the background for some reason. It's not transparent, but it changes between white and light gray for some reason, even though it's white text with a black border, so already visible on any background. All this does is make it look jarring that the text changes brightness suddenly if you turn the camera.

I don't understand this choice it just looks stupid, it doesn't look good at all to rapidly change the color of the text for no actual reason.