[NGS] Sounds and Voices start sporadically cutting out if you AFK or close the game window for a few minutes.

I've had this problem since launch, but it's still happening and now it feels even worse. Can only be fixed by reopening the game. https://twitter.com/raredropkoikoi/status/1403227957603225600

I have this happen too and it is so annoying.

I have only had the music cut out a few times while idling in the city, and since I run dual monitors (with PSO2/NGS full screened on the main one), I don't need to close the game window to edit my notes, check my alliance Discord, or look up stuff on my web browser, and I never had to restart the game for the music to come back up.

It does feel even worse now with me having to restart the game three times in a single day before.

Can you all reply here again and say whether you have 'surround' turned on or not? Some are theorising that this glitch manifests itself faster if you don't have 'surround' turned on.

I have surround sound on.

Bumping this since I am still having this issue.

@Weirdo @lunartear try updating the sound driver if you on PC.. Even try just reinstalling it (Realtek or something like that)..