What is current bleeding edge gear / augments?

Title and such.

Looking for a benchmark to scoff at and be sad about never obtaining.

Straga with affixia level 5, with level 4 potential, geant armour x3 (all +40) with tec/mele/ranged 3, nex/form/pettas soul 2, giga 2 and ael domina on everything, for pure dmg (there is mastery3 and dread 2 for more defencive options)

I scoff! Scoff, I say!

Guess it's time to start hanging out in the Giga areas ._.

@Furious-0 enjoy farming what you need, most are area specific or enemy specific, ael domina is combining ael note A/B/C/D (each is specific to each exploration zone) with some mining materials, dread 2 is from "vet" boss's, pettas are from the enemies with pettas name (including UQ) Nex is only from Nex aelio (UQ or Resol) and giga is from giga. Mastery 3 you can look at the affix exchange and cry at what you need.

A 4/4 affix set up will is worth around 2 million meseta on ship 2 market atm per item (using 10)

That Mastery lll is behind a enormous pay wall. Here A tip tho.....the success rate of it sticking is high at 4 units (RNG). My opinion is it is the one affixes you should take a chance on....the only one.

i had some fun messing with rng pretty early on i took this on the 22nd of last month