Game freezing since this maint

Never happened before. But it's happening quite often now. This is with 130 hours of gameplay. So the "fixes" from the maint must have made the game more unstable. It happens just running around mining, or in the middle of combat.

Bump to this as this is happening to me as well.

alt text


alt text

This is literarily happening on every single Urgent Quest and Gigantix spawn. Especially as it is near death. The game is virtually unplayable for me and happens on several gaming rigs I have. This is the only game that this happens to. Already tried reinstalling. Running Steam version. I've tried both Tweaker and no Tweaker.

  • 5800X Ryzen CPU (Temps around 50C full load)
  • GTX1080
  • 16 Gigs DDR4 3200 RAM

Rig is more than capable of playing this game.

alt text

And I'm done. Taking a break for a few days. Such a shame because I really am enjoying this game despite the lack of content. When this game first launched this was never an issue.

A few folks from our Alliance have mentioned this, I myself have crashed multiple times when doing things like collecting fruit or fighting enemies.

Does seem to be happening more frequently since the last maintenance.