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With all said and mention from previous posts I just would like to toss some sprinkles on the subject. Gunner has the damage to be on par with other classes with some Tender Love & Care. Reason being the resurguir series TMG allow a crit rate additive and when paired with an fixa supporting it there exist more frequently crit damage.

The overperformers benefit more from fixa effects than classes eating their dust, so it's a moot point.

As a gunner main who literally ONLY plays Gunner both in base PSO2 and in NGS, Gunner is piss weak at the start, and it takes a lot of money to get the gear and augments rolling too, but once you get to that point Gunner is a monster with optimal use of PAs during Chain Finish. Unlike PSO2, NGS's Gunner leans way more into the ramp-up trait since Chain Trigger is automatically baked into the play style rather than something you pop to put out insane DPS on a single enemy.

But whether or not that ramp-up is worth it is up to you. I wouldn't be playing PSO at all if not for Gunner existing, so even though it absolutely sucked until around level 18, I stuck with it. Then I started seeing some pretty significant gains. Also, as tempting as it might be, don't go for the Crisp bonus if you're PSE Burst farming. Light or Rich are better since you're gonna be spamming Aimless Rain a lot.

Keep in mind with all of this, there seems to be plenty of math issues with the games and so Gunner could be meant to put out more or less damage as with any class and they've messed up the calc, so just be aware of that.

Personally I think Geant Armor and Straga TMG is probably the best gear for Gunner and Ranger at the moment which should, put them at the top of Damage that is possible and intelligent to use for that class.

One of the things I have the hardest time adapting to is just how much faster and versatile the Gunner was in the original game compared to how "stiff" their gameplay feels in New Genesis. It's demoralizing to me when you look at attacks like Rave Bullet being your most consistent option for both building chains and dealing damage because everything else is naturally too slow for most use (without Chain Boost) or that Rave Bullet is just "too good" for the situation as you work your way up to Chain 100 for your proper rotation. Instead of it being S-Roll Arts spamming and using your normal attacks to build up your chain, you're now relying on Bullet Rave for the same thing. I still like popping full Chains and I do like the quality-of-life given to Chain Trigger overall but I really feel the sentiment that Sega was really not happy with Gunners and wanted to find a way to take them out back.

If anything, the biggest change I would be the happiest with would be to allow Stylish Roll to cancel animations in the same way the Fighter's Twin Daggers can spin-dodge with their weapon action out of every action (their step dodge does not allow this same freedom unlike the original game) and if the Gunner was given this as well I definitely feel like I would be able to adapt much more easily considering how punishing the photon arts for the Gunner are this time around. In terms of mobility and tracking enemies I know a lot of people suggested to multi-weapon the Wired Lance to get some verticality and tracking but I personally dislike the range and the slowness of the weapon action because my experience has me spoiled by other games (Dragon's Dogma Online with the Seeker's Grappling Hook having a much further range so you can gap-close very easily). I really don't feel like it can compare to Grim Barrage either.