Stamps Vs Symbol Arts

Since the last maintenance symbol arts have been off, and now the stamps are standing out alot. It feels very nice to have stamps and people using them to express how they feel. Seeing that gave me the idea that is probably just beter to remove symbol artys completety and just have stamps which only have art approved by SEGA. This way we get rid of all the pornographic material from the game. Just work on giving us more stamps.

Once again one can only ponder what though process went through their heads when they let players use something like this in place of SA and for some unfathomable reason DON'T give you the option to hide them entirely. Obviously silencing it isn't the same as getting them out of sight entirely. What i'm saying is let me turn them off already. Better yet, let me turn off chat so it takes care of all these and any possible future problems at the same time.

Quarterly stamp design competition. Come on, SEGA.

Not gonna happen, though, because they would have to spend too much time making sure players didn't submit copyrighted or plagerised designs, which could bring legal liabilities.

But I wouldn't mind more stamps. Lots more. And a proper "favorites" stamp interface so we can build our own set of frequently used stamps.

I’d hate to see another old feature we had be turned into another paid one... 😧

Stamps are nice, but I’m not paying 100$ to tell you how I feel. XD

Words are free you know.

Again, SEGA has given you the ability to turn off Symbol Arts - you don't have to see them.

Just because it is improperly being used by a small amount of people is no reason to scrap the whole system. We don't burn the whole forums down because there are a few trolls, and you don't remove chat because there is RMT spam. SA is only temporary paused to give area filters, SA will be back for area chat once it is implemented.

There are plenty of people using it the proper way and I really enjoy watching people make these SAs

I like stamps better than Symbol arts.

But there is no Io stamps and I need my Io.