Symbol art verification

It is as it sounds add a verification to symbol art also add an ID function so you can tell who the original creator is for example they could add a tab that says Vue creator

Alliance : guild name ARKS ID : player001 Date :DD/MM/YY

So people can't steal symbol art and claim it as their own ( even editing it won't change the original creator)( but it says who edited it and what they edited)( and even that would need to get verified)( in a different tab)

Although we would to remove the functionality from people being allowed to access this file as it's how you change symbol are on the PC

On your computer go to Documents\SEGA\PHANTASYSTARONLINE2\symbolarts\import

I have two suggestions of what to do with the symbol are right now number 2 being the easiest

(1)For the current symbol art to be checked to see if it's valid which will take some time

(2) completely Purge any and all symbol art and start again

While I understand the purpose of this and think it's a good idea, your options for how they could implement this sound really bad.

@Riesz what would you recommend then

I would recommend adding a nsfw tag and anything that is an edit would also carry that tag and if someone blocks it with nsfw as a reason then that means someone didn't add the tag and used it. If that happens the person that used it would be banned and if it turns out to be a false report then the person that reported it falsely gets banned.

They could just encrypt the files. Don't need to change where they live on the filesystem.

Use proper cryptographic methods to "sign" the symbol art with the user details of who originally created it. Copies would have an editor signature.

I mean ultimately, you're gonna end up with a block chain and symbol arts as NFTs if you're not careful.

@Weirdo agree that would actually be a nice feature if they will implement it that's a different matter so would you have in the settings display not safe for work symbol art

what if it is suggestive or just a bit lewd I have one of two girls kissing that is used as a joke between me and one of my Guild mates I only use it in a Guild Chat

@Drakaina NFTs the process of using the systems of bitcoin and other virtual currencies, to "prove" you own some asset, digital mostly.

But it's completely overboard just to prove who made a symbol art, and all the editors up to the final SA.