Fixia abilities future min- maxing , maybe

I have already put 200 hours of gameplay into NGS alone at the time of typing this and in all that time I only gotten 1 4* Fixia ability as they got an insanely low drop chance on a 4* from what I experienced. I was thinking of if we could use those other Fixia abilities we got on other obsolete gear to have a chance to transfer the Fixia to your main gear. It being like enhancing by being able to select up to 5 others of same type and level to increase your odds of transferring. I was thinking 16% per item seems fair because 16 X 5= 80% and you can use an affix boost. Plus it’ll give insurance items when they are added down the line a further use to potentially min-max to the fullest without too much risk similar to base PSO2 going for that god affix set with all the endgame affixes. I don’t expect to get 100% transfers and that’ll make that 15% affix boost in central city at the trader seem way more worth getting for using 20 AC/ SG recycle badges. It’ll also add to are gears progress without relying on pure RNG or dropping a possible fortune on the market for a slightly or greater weapon DPS/ utility. Kind of like how SSA worked in base PSO2 but you can only have one per gear piece. Most people who get a Fixia on gear will probably trash it because it’s worse than what they got already since 4* weapons and units are pretty cheap on the market already. It’ll make the players time feel more worth while if you can make progress and not hit a brick wall after easily getting access to 4* gear from player shop for cheap and this gives you something to work towards while out in the field farming experience, meseta, and gear. This is just what I was thinking if anyone can add on to this go ahead to flesh it out further if possible.

Please we need a way to level up or transfer fixas.

Yeah idk why there's literally no way to transfer the fixas so far. It's annoying that even if you got the exact same weapon as the one you were already upgrading that has a fixa when your already upgraded one doesn't, you just cannot do anything about it unless you want to spend all that N-Meseta again on the same weapon.

But even then there's the additional really bad inconvenience of if you put augments on the weapon already you might have used all the capsules of those augments up already. I hope if they do add a way to transfer them they don't just end up making it become the exact same thing as the augmenting system from base pso2, and improving the augment system was just a tease.

Incoming cash item /s